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Games of the Heart by Kristen Ashley

Games of the Heart - Kristen Ashley

After reading At Peace, Joe Callihan's book I had been introduced to Mike Haines and I fell hard for him. I was so in love with him and was super excited to read GAMES OF THE HEART! Mike and Dusty have known each other since they were kids and Mike had dated Dusty's sister, Debbie, who is a total bitch. But Mike and Dusty had always had a thing for each other. Mike is Dusty's first love. They meet again at Dusty's brother, Darrin's funeral and decide to get into a relationship with each other and see how it goes.

What I liked about GAMES OF THE HEART is all the drama going on and also the characters. Mike & Dusty were awesome! Kudo's to Dusty for being on of the best heroine's in KA books. She's totally got that likable heroine personality going for her! Mike was bad ass, as far as Kristen Ashley's men go, but he has nothing on Joe Callihan! There's a lot of drama going on all around with Mike's ex-wife Audrey, Dusty's ex-boyfriend, Beau and the fact that Darrin is dead and they are dealing with that and Dusty's bitch of a sister is trying to sell Darrin's farm which belongs to his son, Fin now.

We also have a side romance of Fin and Reesee. I thought at times the this teenage romance was fun to read about. At other times I thought we had so much drama going on in Mike and Dusty's life. I enjoyed all the characters though. They were fun and loving. I will say that I didn't dig the Epilgogue at the end of the book. I'm happy to know that seven years later Reesee and Fin get married, but this Mike and Dusty's book. I felt like they should've gotten attention at the Epilogue and that it shouldn't of been seven years later. But that's just me. I wasn't a fan of how it ended. Was a good read but no way better than Joe Callihan's book! Still looking forward to the next book!

Breathe by Kristen Ashley

Breathe  - Kristen Ashley

BREATHE was not at all like all the other KA books. This one was just plain boring and nothing happens. The heroine is an utter bore and Chace didn't/wasn't doing Kristen Ashley's title of the ultimate alpha men justice.

For me, in contemporary romance books I really need something to happen to keep me interested in the story. And that includes the characters and the storyline. I got that all in the last three books, but I had none of this BREATHE.

At this point I'd like to shoot myself free of the boredom. I feel like this was the weakest book of the Colorado Mountain series, that won't stop me from continuing them though. It's just a factor to consider is that you can't like them all!

For You by Kristen Ashley

For You - Kristen Ashley

If at first you don't succeed, try again! Couldn't get into it the first, so I"m trying this book again a second time!

Rock Chick Redemption by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick Redemption - Kristen Ashley

I went into ROCK CHICK REDEMPTION and it seemed like the heroine was pretty sane. Opps. Spoke way too soon. This book was way better than the last Rock Chick book I read, but I"ve been having problems with the heroines in this series. They are just so dumb and stupid. Thank god the other stuff in the book made up for it.

“Belonging to me doesn’t mean I’ll make you do anything, it just means I consider you mine for as long as this lasts. It means I protect you, it means I take care of you. For another man, it might mean something different. Don’t confuse me with another man”

ROCK CHICK REDEMPTION features hottie cop, Hank Nightingale this time around and I loved him. This story was very engaging. Roxie is on the run from her ex-boyfriend, Billy and goes to Denver to seek help from her Uncle Tex and catches the eye of Hank and thus the seducing begins. I started out liking Roxy, but that went down south quickly. In contemporary romance books I don't need my heroines to be superman strong willed, but not so bloody weak and pathletic.

I dont' buy into all that stuff. First she thinks she can outsmart her ex and comes up with this stupid plan that doesn't even work at all Next she doesn't even file a report or seek help from police or even Lee's firm, even after knowing what they can do. Seriously? And she has this whole I"m not good enough attitude. I"m sorry, but it so pathletic. Oh, and while I"m at it I"m going to throw myself back to my ex, when all these guys who are experienced in the police biz are trying to protect me, just because my ex is holding up a gun. Come on! I cannot believe this girls stupidity. She's worse than Indy!

“Son, let me tell you something. Even if you don't care, pretend you do. Honestly, it's the best way to go," Dad, the voice of experience, decided to wade in. "She talks about toss pillows. You don't care about toss pillows. You don't even know what toss pillows are. Pretend that toss pillows are your highest priority in life.”

Thankfully the storyline and the side character's sily little drama made up for Stupid lil Roxie. I loved the whole girl talk stuff with Indy, Aly, Jet, and Daisy! I love that group. Everybody in everyone's business. It's so funny! I Love the Hot Guy bunch. I've become attracted to Vance & Luke, so I am so looking forward to their book! Best part of the book was Roxie's parents! They were a hoot! Kristen Ashley writes the best parents in her books. Ones that will make you laugh out loud! Looking forward to the next one!

Demon from the Dark by Kristen Ashley

Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 8) - Kresley Cole

Of course I'm in the minority again. We didn't click this time around. O_o

Love Stage Volume 1 by Eiki Eiki

Love Stage!! 1 - Eiki Eiki

Oh, dear lord! I have fallen in love with another one! LOVE STAGE is one of the best yaoi mangas there is out there. I want to hit myself for waiting so long to read it! And to also hear there making an anime out of it? Hurry up and let it air already! This manga is cute and sweet and freaking hilarious to top it all off! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!


LOVE STAGE is the story of Izumi Sena who is an otaku that dreams to become an manga artist, who has a family full of entertainers. His mother is a model, his father is an actor turned singer and his brother Shuogo is a lead singer in popular band. We also have to mention Rei, he is like a manager for them all, but is a huge part of the family. Izumi filmed a commerial 10 years ago with a cute boy and now they want them back to shoot another commerical with the boy again.


Anyways, The boy who filmed the commerial is famous heartthrob entertainer, Ryouma Ichijou and thinks Izumi a girl, because when he filmed the commerial they needed a girl, and as a girl, Izumi looks so cute and girlish like too. And Ryouma has been in love with him for 10 years. He finds out he is actually a boy and those feelings just can't disappear. What I love most about this manga are the characters! I love them all! I love Izumi's brother Shougo! He is nuts and funny and I can't get enough of him! And love the manager, Rei! Definitely a huge part of the family and I adore him! I can't wait for more!

City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare

I enjoyed diving back into the TMI World, but I'm at the point where this needs to end. I feel it should've ended at the third book still and it is dragging on in my humble opinion. I'll still read the last, for the side characters though!

♦ Jace & Clary just don't do it for me anymore.
♦ Magnus & Alec better get back together next book! You just can't end my favorite couple in TMI!
♦ Jocelyn, get over the fact your daughter is not a little girl anymore. Grow up!
♦ Like I said in the last book, this series should've ended with the third book.
♦ I like the side story/characters little problems!

Untitled (Into the Dark, #1) - Bree Despain What'd you know this was actually pretty good! I'm impressed first YA mythology book I actually liked! =)

Bound by Night by Larissa Ione

Bound By Night - Larissa Ione

Your first thought when you hear Larissa Ione is writing a new Paranormal Romance Series? A lot of screaming, yelling, skipping, insane dancing only a lunatic would do! I adore Larissa Ione. I don't have many favorite Paranormal Romance Series/Authors, but she's one of my all time favorites! Her Moonbound Clan Vampires Series is quite a but different from her other works, but I still enjoyed the ride.

BOUND BY NIGHT centers around vampires being enslaved by humans. It's very abusive all around and I think that was a whole lot of negatives for me. This world seemed much more darker than Ione's other works. We have rape, being beaten, cut, abused. At least most of it is just said/mentioned. Another turn off was I Just couldn't connect with the characters like I have in Ione's other books.

By the end, I did connect a bit better with other characters, but my leading lady and man didn't leave this huge impression on me where I wanted to continue on with the book, but I still finished it. Nicole was very nieve about her family, so easy to trust her family and the company her father build had good intentions. She was just dumb to all the stuff going on around her that it took a while to really open her eyes. And her brother, I seen that one coming a mile away, from the beginning. I didn't hate Nicole, but I din't like her either. Nothing really special about her to me. Riker had that bad ass vibe going for him. He's a tortured soul. I love those, but again he just didn't stand out for me. I wish he did.

I had many turn off's, but that didn't mean I didn't enjoy the book. I did enjoy to some extent. BOUND BY NIGHT was a little bit predictable for me tastes and it didn't stun me into utter believe like some of Ione's other books, but I did get those wonderful jaw dropping moments I sometime get. And note to self. All Ione's books totally have that evil ass(es) who you want to stab to death.

Chained by Night - Larissa Ione FYI, Hunter better not mate vamp bitch from hell, Rasha! It better be Hunter & Ailyn!

Tech Support by Jet Mykles

Tech Support - Jet Mykles

Meh. This book, the plot or the characters just did'n't stand out for me. Brought bordom to a whole new level. O_o

Biting Bad by Chloe Neill

Biting Bad - Chloe Neill

BITING BAD was another good installment in the Chicagoland Vampires Series, but it did have that filler book vibe to me in a way, maybe I felt like the plot wasn't all that this time around, but I still enjoyed it like always. Merit and Ethan are planning to celebrate Valentine's day, but so much crap is going on again that they have to put it on pause, like riots all relating to vampires, and Merit and Ethan having to visit Merit's family for dinner.

With the plot this time with the riots, a couple of chapters in I had already figured out all of who was involved, so I didn't like that it ended up being that obvious only a short time into the book. Anyway, in BITING BAD we get to get to know the Grey House a little bit more. I have been a big fan of that House since we got introduced to Jonah and I wanted to know more about him and Grey House and I'm glad we got that. I loved learning a little bit more about the Vampire Master of Grey House, Scott as well!

We still have cute Merit and Ethan moments. GP drama, which I hope in the next couple of book that the GP nonsense ends, it's getting a little old that centuries old vampire acting like spoiled little brats. And I just really enjoyed all main and side characters a like. I especially love the Ethan. Gabriel. And the car bit. Men and their cars.

But I have a major rant here! Ethan battles a vampire that he ends up killing in battle and the CPD aka Humans come to arrest him?! Seriously?! You can't arrest a vampire! If the other guy killed Ethan he would'nt be charged with anything, But seriously Humans! Vampire Rule is different and has nothing to do with humans! I'm just saying that was the dumbest ending ever. I'm disappointed in the ending. Other than the ridiculous excuse for a cliffhanger ending the rest was really good. Looking forward to see what transpires next.

Golden Trail by Kristen Ashley

Golden Trail - Kristen Ashley

Hell to the no. Shit's un-readable!

Reasons I hated this!:
♦ Couldn't connect with Tanner!
♦ Couldn't connect with Rocky!
♦ Male POV, so loose that little magic.
♦ So bad I wanted to skim through the whole entire book.
♦ Most definitely KA's WORST BOOK!

At Peace by Kristen Ashley

At Peace - Kristen Ashley

I was a little nervous going into AT PEACE because I really could not get into the first Burg book, (who knows, maybe I"ll give it another go), and I've hear other fans had some problems with the heroine in this one, but anyways, I went into this one a tad nervous and reading it, the beginning was very slow paced for me and I automatically thought average three stars, but as soon as I got more into it, after the 20% marker I could not put this book down and I was like WOAH! Another amazing read by the Kristen Ashley!

I'm not going to go into the plot too much because I'm sure there has been hundreds reviews out there for it, so I will just go into my thoughts on it. I have problems and happy happy joy joy issues with my leading lady and leading man! Before I went into AT PEACE, I hear such dislike for Violet and just her, which I don't get. Actually it's both of them that have some major problems which lead to the crap in the first half of the book.

“I keep trying to but he’s like you, he won’t listen.” “Then game on,” Joe announced. “Joe –” “He shoulda listened.” “Why? You don’t listen.” “You don’t belong to him, you belong to me.”

My problem with Violet is yes, Joe was acting like a dick wanting just sex from you, but instead of just fully breaking it off, saying no more, you just keep jumping in bed and you get mad at him? really?! I didn't mind the other guy, but I love Mike and you were seeing him while you were fucking Joe, like seriously?! If you want more from Joe, tell him and if you won't give more then break it off with him. You keep going through the jump in bed with him to upset and pissed because he won't give you more than just sex. It;s like just move the fuck on. I don't know. I just thought this could have been done differently, maybe.

My problem with Joe is he should've left it alone. Had sex with Vi and she is all pissed at him for the just a fuck buddy deal. Just leave it be. I mean he wants her. I was really pissed when he has to flaunt Nadia in front of everyone as the signal that it's over between Vi & him with the sex stuff. It's like be a fuckin man! Sit her down and tell her that you can't do this thing with her anymore. But he needs it to be HER to be the one who breaks it off, seriously?! I'm not gonna go into every little thing, but they had many fucked up moments. But I dig drama so it's all good!

You and me, I haven’t made it easy, I’ll admit that, but that’s done. You gotta get over it or you’re never gonna move on. I’m movin’ on, Kate and Keira are movin’ with me. It’s only you who’s gotta keep the fuck up.”

But anyway, after we got after all the fucked up shit in the first half of the book, it turned really amazing! Joe Callahan is a man's man! He is all alpha and the ultimate tortured bad boy! I JUST LOVE IT! Both Joe and Violet have tortured pasts and I just loved them coming together. I loved Joe fighting for Violet. Kristen Ashley's men fight hard for their women and win every time! It just annoyed me that Violet wanted Joe all along and when he wants her and is fighting her she is coming up with so many excuses.

The second half of the book she just became dumb and stupid. It's like, Woman! You wanted him and now that he wants you back and wants more, you're in slow down, no wait, too fast. Like What?! Violet drove me crazy the second half of the book. But together Joe Callahan and Violet Winters were a match in heaven. And Joe with Violet's daughter! Oh. my. god! I'm liking the whole children in the mix thing in these books! This book did have drama written all over it, but I loved the drama and the heartfelt moments. And I loved Mike Haines! First moments he appeared, I'm like I SHIP HIM TOO! MINE! I'm looking forward for his book as well as Benny's book too.

Frankie and Benny (The 'Burg, #5) - Kristen Ashley Just finishing At Peace, I am really freaking excited for Frankie & Benny's book! =)

Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley

Fire Inside  - Kristen Ashley

At this point I've made a realization.
I just cannot get into biker dude books.
Not for me, so I"m done with them. This is probaly one of the better ones I have read & probaly would've liked it if it wasn't so slow paced and if the heroine had a back bone.