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Bound by Night by Larissa Ione

Bound By Night - Larissa Ione

Your first thought when you hear Larissa Ione is writing a new Paranormal Romance Series? A lot of screaming, yelling, skipping, insane dancing only a lunatic would do! I adore Larissa Ione. I don't have many favorite Paranormal Romance Series/Authors, but she's one of my all time favorites! Her Moonbound Clan Vampires Series is quite a but different from her other works, but I still enjoyed the ride.

BOUND BY NIGHT centers around vampires being enslaved by humans. It's very abusive all around and I think that was a whole lot of negatives for me. This world seemed much more darker than Ione's other works. We have rape, being beaten, cut, abused. At least most of it is just said/mentioned. Another turn off was I Just couldn't connect with the characters like I have in Ione's other books.

By the end, I did connect a bit better with other characters, but my leading lady and man didn't leave this huge impression on me where I wanted to continue on with the book, but I still finished it. Nicole was very nieve about her family, so easy to trust her family and the company her father build had good intentions. She was just dumb to all the stuff going on around her that it took a while to really open her eyes. And her brother, I seen that one coming a mile away, from the beginning. I didn't hate Nicole, but I din't like her either. Nothing really special about her to me. Riker had that bad ass vibe going for him. He's a tortured soul. I love those, but again he just didn't stand out for me. I wish he did.

I had many turn off's, but that didn't mean I didn't enjoy the book. I did enjoy to some extent. BOUND BY NIGHT was a little bit predictable for me tastes and it didn't stun me into utter believe like some of Ione's other books, but I did get those wonderful jaw dropping moments I sometime get. And note to self. All Ione's books totally have that evil ass(es) who you want to stab to death.