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Biting Bad by Chloe Neill

Biting Bad - Chloe Neill

BITING BAD was another good installment in the Chicagoland Vampires Series, but it did have that filler book vibe to me in a way, maybe I felt like the plot wasn't all that this time around, but I still enjoyed it like always. Merit and Ethan are planning to celebrate Valentine's day, but so much crap is going on again that they have to put it on pause, like riots all relating to vampires, and Merit and Ethan having to visit Merit's family for dinner.

With the plot this time with the riots, a couple of chapters in I had already figured out all of who was involved, so I didn't like that it ended up being that obvious only a short time into the book. Anyway, in BITING BAD we get to get to know the Grey House a little bit more. I have been a big fan of that House since we got introduced to Jonah and I wanted to know more about him and Grey House and I'm glad we got that. I loved learning a little bit more about the Vampire Master of Grey House, Scott as well!

We still have cute Merit and Ethan moments. GP drama, which I hope in the next couple of book that the GP nonsense ends, it's getting a little old that centuries old vampire acting like spoiled little brats. And I just really enjoyed all main and side characters a like. I especially love the Ethan. Gabriel. And the car bit. Men and their cars.

But I have a major rant here! Ethan battles a vampire that he ends up killing in battle and the CPD aka Humans come to arrest him?! Seriously?! You can't arrest a vampire! If the other guy killed Ethan he would'nt be charged with anything, But seriously Humans! Vampire Rule is different and has nothing to do with humans! I'm just saying that was the dumbest ending ever. I'm disappointed in the ending. Other than the ridiculous excuse for a cliffhanger ending the rest was really good. Looking forward to see what transpires next.