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Games of the Heart by Kristen Ashley

Games of the Heart - Kristen Ashley

After reading At Peace, Joe Callihan's book I had been introduced to Mike Haines and I fell hard for him. I was so in love with him and was super excited to read GAMES OF THE HEART! Mike and Dusty have known each other since they were kids and Mike had dated Dusty's sister, Debbie, who is a total bitch. But Mike and Dusty had always had a thing for each other. Mike is Dusty's first love. They meet again at Dusty's brother, Darrin's funeral and decide to get into a relationship with each other and see how it goes.

What I liked about GAMES OF THE HEART is all the drama going on and also the characters. Mike & Dusty were awesome! Kudo's to Dusty for being on of the best heroine's in KA books. She's totally got that likable heroine personality going for her! Mike was bad ass, as far as Kristen Ashley's men go, but he has nothing on Joe Callihan! There's a lot of drama going on all around with Mike's ex-wife Audrey, Dusty's ex-boyfriend, Beau and the fact that Darrin is dead and they are dealing with that and Dusty's bitch of a sister is trying to sell Darrin's farm which belongs to his son, Fin now.

We also have a side romance of Fin and Reesee. I thought at times the this teenage romance was fun to read about. At other times I thought we had so much drama going on in Mike and Dusty's life. I enjoyed all the characters though. They were fun and loving. I will say that I didn't dig the Epilgogue at the end of the book. I'm happy to know that seven years later Reesee and Fin get married, but this Mike and Dusty's book. I felt like they should've gotten attention at the Epilogue and that it shouldn't of been seven years later. But that's just me. I wasn't a fan of how it ended. Was a good read but no way better than Joe Callihan's book! Still looking forward to the next book!