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Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Wings - Aprilynne Pike

this is one of the worse faerie books ive ever read. can we label this under little kids books. im not even finished wit yet but i only have like 100 pages to go so mite as well rite. i knoe that nothing compares to melissa marr's wicked lovely series, but i thought that this had suck good reviews and everyones talking about it plus a movie is in production then it would be good. but god i kinda had to force myself to read it. im gonna try to sit through the sequel but i dont have high hopes for it. i dont really like the characters that much. but it really was not enjoyable at all. i dont get the title of this book, and laurel is a plant?? im not sure wheather to give this book a 1 or a 2...ill think about it some more.