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Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill

Twice Bitten - Chloe Neill

finally! my all-time favorite series has arrived. i got this a week early, love you, barnes and nobles! and i was sooooooo exited to jump rite into it! i thought when i started reading it it kinda started out so different from the first two books that it didnt seem like the same book in the series but then it picked up the pace. luc and ethan? HOTTNESS!!!!!!! gotta love them. i mean, come on, how can you not? (training scene)

i seriously loved gabriel keene. he is soooo lovable. and i just cant help it. i love you gab! i love how he calls merit kitten, i think that's wht is was. FINALLY!!!!! ethan and merit. i have to say i loved the whole entire chapter 8!!! simply amazing. it was just so perfect. how ethan was saying that he needed merit and....let's just say this was kinda like a different side to ethan and he gave into his feeling to merit.....i just love ethan! i was mad at him for a fraction of a second, but i just cant stay mad at him for the whole book, so i forgave him. i was more mad at what happened, b/c ive been waiting for it since book 1! i think most people who have read twice bitten knoe wht im referring to though.

i really have no idea which book i like the best. its soooooo hard to choose! and they had some really good funnies in this one, like:

“Every so often, we gather together. We take a little time—a little cathartic
time—to vent about those quirks that drive us crazy.”

Elbows on the table, I leaned forward. “So, which of the quirks are we talking about?”

“First item on the list—the raising of the eyebrow.” To demonstrate, she arched a carefully sculpted
black brow of her own, then peered around at each of us.

but seriously i simply cant wait to hard bitten comes out next year. i am dying to read it. if u havent yet read this series, u seriously need to. one of the best vampire series out there. i really cant wait to see more of ethan and merit in book 4! and I NEED MORE ETHAN!!!!!