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The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

The Dark Divine - Bree Despain

i really wanted to like this book but i just couldnt. i hate books that decieve you wit the beatiful cover and title of the book but when you get to the book itself, ugh. this book didnt draw me completely to it where i bought it, thank goodness. i usually check out at the library first. the book started at really slow at first to me, and then finding out grace being the paster's daughter, right from there i thought i wont enjoy it, then i got further in and this story just wasnt appealing to me. i thought that her family was kinda annoying in a way. i did not feel anything for the main characters, like i could care less if grace and daniel got together. i feel like i have to like/love the characters to continue the series and i just dont so i will not be continueing this one.

i felt like nothing was exciting about this book, like other ones, like the bad boy. daniel did not appeal to me at all. this book was just a waste of time, iam seriously surprised wit all the good ratings it got. when i fist opened this book i didnt knoe if i should hate it or like it, well probally hate it. why the hell was the text bolded? it kinda is distracting. i think this book was worse than all the other books i rated as a 1.