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Rogue by Rachel Vincent

Rogue - Rachel Vincent

*****3.5 stars*****
i thought that the second book in the shifters series was better than the first for sure, but still a 3.5 stars for me. faythe wasnt as annoying as in the first book and i am warming up to her a little bit, but still a bit annoying for my taste. i loved in this book all the family gatherings we get and get to learn a little bit more about the family members. there are some things i love and hate about this series, so i kinda have a love/hate relationship wit this series for sure. by the middle of the book, things got more engaging and interesting, like relaizing the stuff with andrew and showing greg her partial shift and the stuff wit the marc, it was all really fun to read those parts and i loved it.

i thought that everything bad is happening to faythe so much, and those things happening kind of makes it hard to read and i dunno if that's b/c i'm connecting with faythe or what. i loved that we had these marc and fayther scenes wit him being mad at her and she derserved his anger and i was so mad **SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER** that she did not accept his wedding ring, he was just asking for someday a promise to keep it, dont have to wear on ring finger, could hang around her neck, a promise, but god, i feel like she is sooooo selfish and marc derserves to be angry at her, like she wants everything her way and marc cannot have this one thing he wants more than anything, it has to go faythe's way again, that just annoys me, seriously.

like the first book, the ending was great and it makes you wanna read the next book right away which i like hopefully book 3, pride will be even better than book 2, rogue.