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Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost

Eternal Kiss of Darkness - Jeaniene Frost

I admit the beginning was a bit slow for me and i did not think that this book got interesting until kira got turned into a vampire, but after that it was so good. it really picked up. most people who are a fan of the night huntress series knoes that the cat and bones is so much more better than the nigh huntress world series and that is true. no one can compete wit such a compelling story as cat and bones, but i thought this was a bit better than spade's book, that is for sure.

i loved mercheres and kira so much. i kinda still felt that we didnt get enough of them, where was there moment after rajeh is no more. the only problem i have wit jeaniene frost's book is her endings. i wish she would write a epilogue for all of her books, becuase in EKOD its just like he defeats and rajeh and that's the end of the book. i mean come on! i need a little bit more than that. the ending was great wit mencheres knowing that the darkness that he had for seen was not his death but kira (dark lady). but still she needs a more satisfiying ending with the main characters in the book, mencheres and kira just maybe siting at home talking about what happened and how they will always be together yada yada yada.

but this was still an enjoyable read. i LOVED VLAD!!!!! he is so damn funny. iam so happy that he will be getting his own book! i cant wait for that and also cant wait for this side of the grave.