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Curran: Volume 1 by Ilona Andrews, Gordon Andrews

Curran: Volume I (Curran POV) - Ilona Andrews;Gordon Andrews

so, this is parts in the series wit curran's POV and its a really quick read leaving you to want more and more. i have to say that iam so very thankful to get inside of curran's head to see what he is thinking and i hope we get more of these in the future. we get them from magic bites, magic burns, magic strikes, and magic bleeds. just reading this made me want so much more of curran. I thought he was so funny and what he was thinking too. i love when authors do this for us, b/c at some scenes i just wonder what they hell is he thinking, b/c i wanna knoe soooooo bad. so thank you ilona andrews for this! it is greatly appreciated. (make sure to read it after magic bleeds)

go and read it because it is free to download here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/18799