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The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong

The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong

i thought this was okay. i didn't really think it was all that great. but maybe its b/c i started reading adult books more instead of young adult books. i may read again when i run out of adult books to read b/c the young adults seems to have no appeal to me anymore lately. but i thought it was okay. the adults in this book just pissed me off so much. i mean come on....if you want to start a relationship with a guy there you can if you want its none of the adults business i mean her aunt isnt even her legal guardian. and then her aunt doesn't believe her. if i was chloe i'd tell her aunt screw you. i'd even tell her that for putting her in such an insane place. i felt like the place was a prison or something. but hopefully ill try the second book when i have nothing to read but young adult books.