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Wonderous Strange by Lesley Livington

Wondrous Strange  - Lesley Livingston

i thought that this book was inbetween a 3 and 4. there were many things i loved about it. i loved the whole father-daughter relationship. the way she speaks to him. cant help but laugh. and then there were a few unexpected things like i cant believe who her mother was they revealed it and also roomate tyff. kelly is an actress 17 yrs. old + she gets a stalker boy, sonney who is kinda like a guard for the faery king sonney and kelly were both abducked upon birth kinda switched. she kelly is the faery princess and in a lot of danger. this book was pretty good-okay. but it was still a good read. looking foward to reading the sequel.

the sonney and kelly romance wasn't all omg/wow to me. i thought it was kinda plain and all from most romances in ya books i've read. i thought that as i got into when sonney tells kelly who she is i started getting into it a little bit more.