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Minder by Kate Kaynak

Minder - Kate Kaynak

Minder reminds me x-men goes to school to learn more about their powers, which is actually kind of cool. The beginning of Minder was great. The book was really fast paced and I was amazed.

This book was really good, but the only thing was that I didn't really connect to the characters that well, like by the end of the book I actually did not care that much what happened to the characters, but I thought that the plot of the story was really action packed in way that I may just want to check out the next book.

I really liked at the house the tension between minders and charms. I liked how Maddie would not take any crap from them and was able to find a way to beat them at their own game. She has sort of become their savior.

I wasn't very convinced by the romance in the story between Maddie and Trevor because it was like they first looked at each other and they fell in love. I don't know about everyone else, but I would've liked a little more development between this romance. I believe in love at first site, but love at first site has a story to it, not just look at him and OMG. you are the one, and he is like, OMG. You are the one. I thought this could've been done a bit better.

Minder was good for a first book in a series and I think the other books really have the potential to become a series that needs to be read. I mean how cool is it to read about about a kids who have these mind powers that go to school to learn how to control it.