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Vanish by Sophie Jordan

Vanish: A Firelight Novel - Sophie Jordan

I thought VANISH was going to succeed the previous book in the Firelight series, but apparently I was wrong. One thing about VANISH was that I felt like I was reading the first book, Firelight all over again, like there were no changes.

One thing in the first book I could not stand was the Pride that Jacinda belonged to. They were too controlling and now that Jacinda returns to the Pride in this book it brings up my hate level up so much more. We are constantly surrounded by the Pride and I am disgusted by the Pride so much I just wanted to skim the book a lot. I just can't stand their controlling attitude like Jacinda is a piece of property.

I was unsure about Cassian in the first book, how I felt about him, but now I am sure that I most definitely do not like him. I felt like he pushed Jacinda too much to be with him and try and forget about Will. And it is not that easy. She cared about him and that will not just go away that quickly. I was disappointed that Will did not show up too much. But when we did see him, he was as wonderful as ever. I missed him and fell in love with Will all over again.

I Love that this book is face-paced and the cover is quite lovely. But I was quite disappointed in VANISH. I didn't see any changes really except a very depressed Jacinda. Since there is one book left I will continue with it and hopefully it will not disappoint. And again I am curious how the series will end after the ending of VANISH.

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