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The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa

THE IRON KING is one of the most talked about YA fae series, but when I read it I thought I read the wrong, "most talked about YA fae series" because I just couldn't get through this series at all.

The beginning through a lot of books are hard to get through, but I couldn't get interested until one chapter in the middle and when that chapter was done I got bored again after that.

I thought the heroine, Megan is one of the dumbest heroine's I have ever come across in a YA novel, and I have read quite a lot. I don't know. I think she depends on Puck to save her and that she really needs to get some back bone. I mean Puck, her best friend isn't going to be there at every waking moment and she runs into danger anyway thinking he has to save her.

It really irritated me, and when she was told to be a slave doing house chores in the kitchen, I seriously lost all respect for her, though I wonder did I have any in the first place?

Other than the heroine, I thought everything in faerie was a joke. Every fae seemed so cold-hearted and that is one thing I couldn't stand in this book. There was only like 2 characters I liked. But the plot and the characters seemed very weak to me.

I loved Ash and Puck. Puck is probaly what kept me going, to read more of this book. Puck is really funny and you just can't help but love him. He is Megan's best friend who has a crush on her, but she has no idea, because she is completely blind.

Ash is the other love interest and her is the winter prince. I think he's got this charm about him that I really like and you kind of can't help but like him. Oh, and I can't forget Megan's cute, kid brother, Ethan. I just want to hold him tight.

Overall, THE IRON KING was a bit of a disappointment. I have read better YA fae books. I am in the minority of those who disliked it so you may like it.

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