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Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler

Tempest Rising - Nicole Peeler

I am really not sure about Jane True. TEMPEST RISING started out a bit slow and then Jane finding out who/what she really is the book then begun to pick up again, and then we're back to the "I'm bored" phase.

Usually what does it for me in a book is the characters and the plot and TEMPEST RISING failed in my account on both of them. I didn't really like Jane that much because she didn't really stand out compared to other series I have read. I didn't see anything special about her.

We have the love interst Ryu and at first when he first appeared in this book I thought possibly I may like this guy. Opps. Spoke too soon. The attraction between Ryu and Jane was just lust in my opnion. I didn't find Ryu as an actual love interest for her, just someone to dump all her baggage on.

I would have to say the only person that I saw as a love interest for Jane was Anyan. I loved him since the moment we met him in the book and I am thinking possibly in future books they could get together. I thought they were quite cute together though.

I was mainly bored throughout this book though so about continueing on with Jane True I am quite unsure at this point. There was something about the character that were not really that exciting and not really caring about what happens to them.

If I do continue it will only be after I am done reading the books on my TBR shelf that I am excited/want to read.

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