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Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

Shade - Jeri Smith-Ready

All I can say right now is WOW. Shade is definitely unlike anything I have ever read before and quite a different take on the supernatural. I just wish I would've picked up this book sooner.

SO this is a story about ghosts and I was greatly surprised because I have never read a book about ghosts before and when ghosts come to mind I think, "boring" and this book was anything but boring. And I am glad Jeri Smith-Ready has proved me wrong.

Since the Shift, everyone under the age of sixteen can see and talk to ghost who haven't passed over. Aura is one of them which she doesn't really like that much. Shortly after the beginning of the story her boyfriend, Logan dies and he comes back as a ghost. Aura has thought she has lost her love forever, but now he is is back and Aura wants him to stay with her forever, but she also needs to convince him to pass on or he could become a shade.

I adore Logan. I love him so much. I think he is the guy every girl would love to have as a girlfriend. He is so sweet and caring and you find out each page you read how much he loves Aura. Every chapter I was like, more Logan, please. I was only disappointed by the way Logan died. Are guys really that stupid?

And of course how could any YA be perfect without a love rival? Zachary is a hot scottish man. I honestly was not taken with him til about the mid-end of the book. I don't know, he didn't wow me. I have read the highlanders where there are lovely scottish men and they're accent is done beautifully in there, but as for Zachary is wasn't. I wish the author would've worked on it a bit more. I think his character came out more towards the end for me.

I didn't like that I didn't really understand the terminology. Like what the hell a shade was and why is it that bad for a ghost to turn into one? I was basically lost a lot through the book at certain times.

And I wish some of the secondary characters weren't so heartless towards Aura. Her boyfriend just died, and yes she does need to move on but this was someone she loved greatly and it takes time and she should get to decide how she wants to deal with it. Personally I wanted to yell at a lot of the secondary characters.

All in all this was a nice and quick read. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I am looking forward to read the second in the series, Shift.

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