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Faefever by Karen Marie Moning

Faefever (Fever, #3) - Karen Marie Moning

Faefever left me completely stunned after I finished it, where I was screaming, "WHERE IS THE NEXT DAMN BOOK! I NEED IT NOW!" Moning has been making me go very crazy lately so no surprise, right? Moning's endings make you crave for more and that's exactly what you'll do when you finish this book. I devoured this book. I couldn't stop. But who would want to stop? This book was freaking AMAZING! I want more! I will never get enough of Mac and Barrons, so bring on the next book!

Mac is torn and does not know who to trust. And she is having a hard time making decisions, because there are three guys who want her to find the Sinsar Dubh for him. Darroc and V'lane have motives and since day 1 so has not trusted them, but now she is questioning Barron's trust. But I guess that can be true where she does not know one damn thing about him, but he could share a bit, don't you think? But that doesn't stop Mac from being so attracted to Jericho Barrons.

Jericho Barrons and Mac are having some problems where she can't trust him and he takes matter into his own hands. I think by each book Barrons is becoming a little more human a little bit at a time. But there is still so much that Mac does not understand about Barrons and wouldn't you want to know more? I know I sure do. Mac is the only one who can sense the book and there are many that need her for that, but we also need to think about where does she actually come from, who can she trust? And what the hell is going to happen in the next book, DREAMFEVER?

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