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Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Paranormalcy - Kiersten White

Oh, bleep. Paranormalcy was fun and entertaining book til the very end. Why did I wait to read this book now, I should’ve picked it up sooner. This was just my kind of Paranormal YA book. And now thanks to Kiresten White I will be saying bleep this and bleep that all the time. This is so awesome.

Evie works for the IPCA and she can see through paranormal glamours. But the IPCA wasn’t as good as we were lead to believe. And so Evie ends up being caught between two worlds. Evie is very special and unique and the IPCA can’t afford to let Evie go for that very reason. There is something about her.

Okaiexz...on to my favorite part, the love interests. Lend is a shapeshifter and bleeping am in love wit him. Lend is able to take the form of anybody, exactly how the other person looks. Except for Evie, he can never get her eyes right.

Lend is very different from other love interests. He is sweet and caring and he isn’t one ot those bad boys that think they are invincible. I like that about him. I also like how he teases Evie about him power he has that he has a driver’s license and a locker LOL

Reth is our other love interest and he is a faerie and falls under the bad ass category. Reth is like your psychopath Ex that stalks you all the time and tells you that we are meant to be together forever, yea. That’s exactly what Reth does. Even though Lend is the better for choice for Evie part of me has a thing for Reth.

Paranormals are ending up dead everywhere and Evie and Lend decide that they need to figure out who is behind this while repeatedly trying to avoid the psycho Ex trying to kidnap Evie every time.

Overall, This was quite the read. Throughout the book I was always speculating what was going to happen and by the end of the book I have more questions than answers involving Evie, Reth and Lend. I can't wait to my hands on the sequel. Paranormalcy is a book you don't want to miss.

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