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Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews

Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews

The fifth book in the Kate Daniels Series, Magic Slays is just as AMAZING as all the rest. Ilona Andrews is one of my all-time favorite authors and I am so amazed at how with each book in the Kate Daniels series I grow closer and closer to these characters that I have so much emotion welled up in me. Yes. I cried like a big baby. That is how great and close you come to love these characters. You think of them as real and you adore each and everyone of them.

MAGIC SLAYS is the book! Yes, the book where we get to see how Kate and Curran are as a couple, not just as a couple, but as Beast Lord and Consort. Kate and Curran were just as wonderful in this book as they were in the others. And yes, for those who will be begging to know, there is more Kate and Curran in MAGIC SLAYS and all I have to say is after this book, I want to steal Curran for myself. He makes my heart beat like crazy.

I had to stop myself from skimming through the book for all of the Kate and Curran scenes. I have a serious Kate and Curran addiction and I don't want help. Their scenes together were absolute perfection. And we really do see how much Curran cares about Kate. Aww...ummm..Kate do you mind if I steal him away from you? I love him.

So Kate is Consort to the Beast Lord and I bet you are all wondering how she is doing at that. She is so bad ass. Even though Curran tells Kate what to do she won't take any of that shit. haha. Just the way I like Kate. I adored Kate in this book. There are some things that we get to learn about Kate's past that she didn't even know and it made me tear up a bit, but that's because I love her.

As Consort, Kate does have a little power and there's this one scene in MAGIC SLAYS where I am like "Best Kate Daniels Showdown EVER! You Go, Girl!" We do get some surprises along the way that I will not spill, but it made me go WHAT?! HUH?! and YEAH! A lot of crazy emotions all at once. Characters that I worried about, laughed and cried with and you will too.

MAGIC SLAYS does not disappoint. Look forward to having your butt glued to your seat(like Curran glued Kate's butt to her chair in MAGIC STRIKES LOL) all day while enjoying yet another astounding book in the Kate Daniels Series.

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