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Born at Midnight by CC Hunter

Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter

Born at Midnight was a good book, but it wasn’t great either. I think my expectations might have been too high. I would classify Born at Midnight with Hex Hall and House of Night fans. The three series are very similar in a way.

I think what my main problem with the book was the main character and all the problems she had to face in the beginning expect it doesn’t stop at the beginning it keep s going on and on throughout the book. I was asking myself when is she going to stop whinning and accept the truth. It actually annoyed me a bit.

I think Kylie had become me while I was reading the book, because all the things that happen made me highly pissed off while reading that I made to put the book down several times before I ended up in an angry fit of rage. The parent things in YA is so common that it is really getting boring. Especially when the parent hides things from you when you are freckin’ 16 years old.

This sometimes goes on in adult books, and I just want to ask when are you old enough, when we’re 50? There was just a lot of characters that made me angry with their attitude in the book.

The love interests. Trey, Lucas, and Derek. This sounds familar, not the names but the number of guys she has. If you guessed the House of Night, you got it. I don’t mind two love interests, or even three if the heroine was decided about just two of them. It’s like she can’t even make up her mind. Maybe it has to do with Kylie being messed up with all that has happened to her in the beginning of the book. I don’t know. But I’m decided about at least one of the guys. I thought it was weird Derek started out non-talkative and then her is everywhere where Kylie is and it is no secret that her likes her. Trey is the ex who probaly just wants sex from Kylie and Lucas is the myserious hot heart throbb who I just need to know more about. I thought starting the book that I would be a huge Derek fan, but it seems Lucas has stolen my heart.

I loved her roomates/best friends. Thet’re were entertaining. After flipping the last page, I feel that I was just expecting too much from this book. I will still read the sequel because I am curious about the direction the book is heading in. It could be one of those books where the heroine grows through the book. I did feel like Kylie did become more likable towards the end of the book. I hope you do give Born at Midnight a try and like it a lot better than me.

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