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The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

The Darkest Night - Gena Showalter

I really wanted to like this book, and I am upset that I wasted my entire day hoping that it could possibly get better, but no it didn't.

I had a lot of problems with this book, one being thatthe whole demon/monster thing inside of the hero. Is it me, or have you heard about this being used in a PNR already? I know I have. The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, in Rhage's book he has a monster inside of him. Also, Regina commented that Karen MArie Moning's The Dark Highlander has the same thing which I forgot. I am usually not too bothered with things being done already, but I this book I did because it just wasn't very interesting or kept my attention.

The hero and heroine. I didn't like them at all. I found the heroine, Aslyn annoying, I mean I have never been annoyed by a heroine in a PNR as much as I was annoyed by her. She drove me crazy. I mean she does to these warriors house and first meeting the hero, Maddox the voices in her head stop and its like no! I don't want to let go of her, I need to be near you and then even though she doesn't even know him she watching him die and gets all angry, this is a case of the heroine falling in love too quickly which I am not fond of in PNR. And then next thing you know when she meets with Maddox again she wants to leave, and you have got to be kidding me, a night ago she urged how much she needed to be near him and then oh, can I leave? And just things she has done made me think, is she stupid?

The hero, Maddox. Like other hero's in PNR. I was completely heads over heals in love, him, no. He wasn't seductive, attractive at all. It was kinda the same, he first called her woman, and then it;s like right away he is calling her beauty. All I am buying is that this couple is buying into their lust or something like that. I didn' find this couple appealing at all. Maddox was a bit too boring to me.

The other warriors. At the beginning, sure I loved them and wanted to know more about them, halfway into the story, meh! How is it I started out loving them to not loving them. I thought every single one of them were asses. I don't even care if they get they're happily ever after of not.

I am trying to think about it some, and find just one thing I liked abotu this book, but I can't do it. Looking back at BLack Dagger Brotherhood series, I thought that it was okay, I mean the first book and the second book I liked a lot better, it was just hard to understand the BDB world in book 1 and it went better in book2. Maybe I could understand the world better the Lords of the Underworld.

But out of these two series I choose Black Dagger Brotherhood and I am not really into BDB series, but I liked the characters a whole of a lot better! and the couples I could actually believe in and loved. It was just the world building I was having a bit trouble with it seems.

But as for Lords of the underworld I don't find myself continueing with this series. I thought maybe possibly, but warriors I can't really stand in the first book I don't think I would like reading about their happily ever after when I don't care if they even get one.

I'm more of an UF gal, and there is only one PNR I have read and been crazy about, so I am not really surprised I did not like it, but if you're a PNR you could possibly like it better than me.

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