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Shadowflame y Dianne Sylvan

Shadowflame - Dianne Sylvan

SHADOWFLAME succeeds the previous QUEEN OF SHADOWS in so many ways and you are left wondering if it is even possible to turn the pages fast enough. Dianne Sylvan has truly created a vampire world that I want to be apart of for years to come.

Miranda is now Queen and wife of David Solomon, Prime of the South and since becoming a vampire her life has changed more ways than you could possibly imagine. She is a very young vampire, but in our eyes she is the wisdom of one born to be queen. David is as cute and geeky as ever just how I like him. I love that we see David as perfect to an extend, but he is not. We learn things about David's past that may be shocking, but it made me love this book even more. Learning about David's past was one of the best things about this book.

In QUEEN OF SHADOWS we met the lovely Devon, Prime of California and his Consort, Jonathan. I knew from the moment we met them that I wanted more. In SHADOWFLAME, Devon plays a more important role in this book and I am in swoon-mode right now, because I am in love with this Prime. I thought that David had stolen my heart, but now I think I am devoted to Devon.

"Darling, sometimes I think it's a good thing you're so pretty."

We get to meet some new characters that you will love and hate, but it makes reading the book that more enjoyable. SHADOWFLAME shows you just how dangerous it is to be in Miranda's shoes. She is the queen and there are some that wish her harm and you get to witness just how far they would go to her fall. Not just Miranda's life is at stake her, she is tied to her husband, David Solomon and if one dies so does the other.

SHADOWFLAME was an phenomenal book from beginning to end. When you reach that last page you will wish that you hadn't because the wait for the third book in this amazing vampire series will be that more painful.

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