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Lover Revealed by JR Ward

Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward

I went into LOVER REVEALED disliking the couple, Marissa and Butch and I came out disliking them even more. It didn't really surprise me that I didn't like this book because I wasn't expecting to in the first place since the main couple are two of my least favorite main characters.

I did start liking Butch a bit more in the last book, Lover Awakened, but in LOVER REVEALED both Butch and Marissa got on my nerves. One minute I was angry at Butch to the way he's handling things and his attitude towards Marissa and then the next thing I know I'm pissed at Marissa for something and it went on and on like that to the end of the book. I'll be honest. I skimmed a lot of it because I just wanted to get it over with and finish the book.

I really just didn't she the magic in this couple like I did with the previous ones. I didn't get that spark between them that I love to see in paranormal romance couples. I just thought everything about this book was ridiculous. It enraged me even more that everyone is in everyone's business when it wasn't their business in the first place.

I think the only good thing about this book was the wonderful side story. Thank god I am interested in good old, John Matthews or I probably would have thrown this book across the room and be down with it. I adore John Matthew and I won't let the main couple story ruin the chance to read about him because he is one of the best characters in this series.

Overall, I can't really say I am disappointed because I didn't expect much to begin with involving Marissa and Butch. For me this was just one of those books I needed to get out of the way to continue on with the rest of the story. Even though I didn't like LOVER REVEALED I am really looking forward to Lover Unbound.

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