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Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs

The second book was about the same as the first book for me. It was a little scary though in some parts. The Mercedes Thompson is so different to me because this is like the only urban fantasy series that I have read that we don't get a lot of the romance. I wish we got a little bit more of it, but at least we can see the romance blossoming somewhat.

The plot is so enthralling though. It keeps me excited. Mercy Thompson is a wonderful heroine to follow and I enjoy her quite a bit. SO we have the two love interests, Sam and Adam. I don't really like Sam that much, so I hope so doesn't choose him. We see through this one a little bit just how much, big and bad Alpha, Adam cares about Mercy.

And I wish I could make this review longer, sorry. But overall this book was okay just like the first one and I am only pushing to read more because I heard the series gets better.

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