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Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs

Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs

I have now discovered that fae in the Mercy Thompson Series is my least favorite supernatural creatures.

I have to admit if I were to compare IRON KISSED to Moon Called and Blood Bound I would have to say that the first two books in the Mercedes Thompson Series were the greatest books of the series for me.

The problem I had with IRON KISSED was basically that the fae are just too boring. The vampires in Blood Bound were 10X more exciting than the fae. The only thing I was excited about in this book was to hurry up and make it to the last page. I think I’ll stick with the vampires.

One thing I liked it we finally get a little bit more romance between Adam and MErcy. Yah! My favorite subject, the romance. I think that the romance between Adam and Mercy is blossoming beautifully and I just can’t help but be anxious whenever we get a scene between Adam and Mercy. I feel we both got this I want you vibe between the two of them and they don’t care who knows it.

Mercy finally choose between Adam and Sam. It’s about time! And it wasn’t really a big surprise about who she choose. It was kind of obvious who she would pick.

A tragic event happens to Mercy in this book that is very real and you really feel for Mercy. After the events, I really find that part of the book beautifully written and it just proves to you how much Adam loves Mercy. The last maybe 30-20 pages,(I don’t really know how many pages it was) broke me heart to a point where it was so utterly beautifully written to a point of tears.

So of course the ending ended on a cliffhanger that drove me crazy so I had to read the next book. And I heard that the next book Bone Crossed is one of the best in the series, so I have hope Bone Crossed might be the one where I cross over and be a devoted Mercedes Thompson Fan.

Even though I gave this one a lower rating most people love this series, I am in the minority, but from the ending I am really starting to love this series. I mean Mercy is a heroine you will want to follow. And come on, she has my middle name, how cool is that?

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