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Double Cross by Carolyn Crane

Double Cross - Carolyn Crane

I loved the first book in The Disillusionists Trilogy, Mind Games but I was really disappointed in DOUBLE CROSS. I think this is the third book that is a sequel that I am disappointed with this month.

To be honest the plot/storyline was really dull and boring for my taste, where in Mind Games it was really exciting and I could not get enough. Big change there. I was really bored through the book a lot. The only good part of the book was Packard. I think I literally devoured all the Packard scenes!

Another thing I was annoyed with was our adored heroine, Justine. I really hate heroine's who don't learn from they're first experience. Justine didn't learn from her first relationship with Cubby in Mind Games and it was like a repeat with Otto in DOUBLE CROSS. Also, please don't me started about her decision making skills! I liked her in the first book, but she just greatly annoyed me this time around.

Onto the legendary cliffhanger. I think I was more pissed, not the way it ended or anything, but just pissed at all these characters, maybe I'm just pissed at Justine because the cliffhanger happened because of another of her dumb decisions. I think I was ranting the whole entire time while reading DOUBLE CROSS because of her poor decision making. So I liked the first book and didn't really fancy the second. It should be really interesting to see how I find the final book in The Disillusionists Trilogy, Head Rush.

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