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Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Unearthly - Cynthia Hand

I've heard everything about UNEARTHLY, that it is this amazing angel book, wait no, that UNEARTHLY is the best YA Angel book out there and finally an author has finally done something right. I'm sorry, but I'm just not seeing that to be true. I think I spent the whole book being incredible annoyed at these characters.

The beginning of UNEARTHLY was quite slow and when I did get into it, I think I was ranting about everything half the time. I will say that the book was quite cute and all, but I am not looking for a cute book. Firstly, our heroine, Clara was not at all how others have described her to be. I found her as annoying as Becca Fitzpatrick's, Nora from Hush Hush. I;m not sure who actually wins the gold at this point. It actually might actually be Clara.

I've had several problems with Clara. She is angel-blood and she is suppose to full-fill her purpose and Christian is her purpose. She is suppose to save him from the first or something. Clara is was to clingy and needy around Christian like some kind of freaky stalker. I don't even see this as full-filling her purpose, I honestly feel she acts completely idiotic around him that sometimes it's just too much for me. Clara = the kind of heroine in a book that I don't like. There were other things that I didn't like about Clara, but it would take like forever to explain them all. Though one thing is that I enjoyed whenever she was with Tucker. He brought light to her character in a way.

I could not for the life of me stand her mother! A mother who does not tell her child anything about important things that she NEEDS to know is not a mother at all. I mean seriously, I would like to know if there are bad angels out there that may come after me! Wouldn't you. She evade like every questions and it really pissed me off. All YA mother think they protect their child by this but it all blows up in there faces sooner or later.

The best part of the book, possibly the only part is Tucker! Which all of you could probaly agree with me on this one! I really like him and he is that goofy, funny guy you will fall for over and over again! I loved his sense of humor, but he wasn't present in UNEARTHLY enough! I wanted more of him. Clara's friends were also a plus, Angela and Wendy! I loved them, but again, not enough to really make this book work for me.

I really needed more. I wasn't blown away. UNEARTHLY was an okay book, yes, but it wasn't enough to really capture my attention. I may possibly give the second book a chance, because the story was boring yes, but I am attached to Tucker the characters in a way and my curiosity has the best of me at the moment. Also there was things at the ending that made me really want to see what will happen next.

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