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Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James

After hearing so many good reviews from friends about FIFTY SHADES OF GREY I decided to give it a try. This is BDSM and I would say that if you are just starting in the genre it is a really good book to start out with, but unforuately I did have some problems with this book. The plotline of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY revolves on the H/H Christian and Ana meeting and they become attracted to each other, and it leads to being involved in a BDSM relationship.

This book seemed like it was young adult at times because the characters were too immature at times or they made idiotic decisions, the plus was it was quite easy to read and fast-paced like most young adult books are for me. Our heroine, Ana was a bit annoying at the start of the book, because she always gushed about how hot Christian, the hero of the story was and kept having thoughts like I want him, I want to sleep with him, I want to kiss him. And she came of like a teenager from a young adult for me and they fact that she is a virgin doesn't help her case.

I think the postitive to Ana is that she has no idea that the world of BDSM exsists and she questions wanting to do with, but at the same time knows that if she doesn't want to she could lose Christian. Whenever she is around him though he has an effect on her where she can't think straight and they end up doing it.

At the beginning of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY I loved CHristian because he had that mysterious air to him and I thought he would become a character to be obsessed with, so wrong on that one. Part of me likes his soft side, the side where he has a bad past and the other side hates his dominating personality. The absolute alpha male character I have read about is Barrons from Karen Marie Moning's Fever Series and Christian is far worse than him. Don't get me wrong I love my guys hot, and dominating, but at a point there is a line that just cannot be crossed and Christian has crossed it.

Christian is way to dominating for my tastes and he treats Ana how I never would want to be treated by someone I love or ever see in any books I read between the hero and heroine. I mean I know he loves her, but he has a sick obsession with BDSM which I understand why from his past, but still. I hate the way he treats Ana. I find it unacceptable from a hero and I do understand that this is a different genre, and they way he treats her could've been far worse, but this is my first BDSM novel.

I found CHristian to be a bit annoying at times like Ana was. Christian has this weird obsession with food. He asks Ana if she has eaten, she says no and he takes her out, and when she doesn't eat, he demands she eats and I imagine he's scary when he says so. It is just so weird this trait he has. He became very creepy and stalker-ish and I don't know. Part of me likes him and the other part doesn't.

Ana has a roomate who is Ana's friend, Kate. I've seen this way too much in young adult books. The best friend is too damn nosey and can't mind her own damn bussiness. Kate was really annoying and if I was Ana I would tell her to keep the fuck out of my bussiness because honestly it was none of her bussiness to begin with butting into Ana's relationship. This is Ana's first relationship and she needs to deal with it on her own. I mean how would you feel if your best friend butt in to everything that had to do with your best friend. I'd honestly dump Kate at this point.

The ending brought tears upon my face. I thought it was so well written, and just for the ending I'll consider possibly at some point continue with the next book in the series, no promises though. The characters mostly annoyed me, and maybe quite a few things could be improved on, but I guess I'm too damn curious. Plus I thought this series has such great potential as well and I still do. I probaly won't read another BDSM book again besides maybe the others in this series because I imagine FIFTY SHADES OF GREY is quite a light read compared to some of the others and BDSM really makes me uncomfortable, which makes me very happy FIFTY SHADES OF GREY was a light BDSM book.