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The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron - Jennifer Ashley

THE MANY SINS OF LORD CAMERON was not quite what I was expecting, but it was still an enjoyable read. I enjoyed it, yes. But I felt maybe my expectations were a bit too high.

Cameron and Ian are similar in a way that they both are tortured heroes and have a bad past. Cameron was married to Lady Elizabeth and she was the worse wife in existence. Elizabeth never respected Cam at all. Before and after they got married she would sleep around with different men and you might want to close you eyes for this next part Elizabeth also use to beat and rape Cam with a poker stick. He would lock his doors, but she would always find a way to convince the servants to let her into his room. She was even going to take the bud of her cigarette and push it on poor Daniels skin to leave burns on him, but Cam took the heat of that instead. Lady Elizabeth sickens me to no end. What kind of woman would do such a thing. She deserved to die and I think she should've suffered much more.

Our heroine of the story, Ainsley is able to save Cameron bit by bit and she becomes his light. Cam hates the idea of marriage, of having a wife, but not with Ainsely. She is so different from all the woman he has slept with because she cares! Ainsley cares for Cam. She doesn't care for his money like the rest of the lot do, but loves Cam for Cam and means so much to him.

To be honest, there were quite a few things that bothered me in this book. For one, it took some times to warm up to Ainsley. I have gone back and forth on her until the end of the book. Ainsley is the queens lady in waiting and she also had quite a bad past as well, but it really felt like when she was falling in love with Cam and she knew that she loved this man and when the queen came calling she packed up her stuff and just left.

I am just sicked by her obsession with the queen. She has pointed out the reason she stays is because it is a good job, good money. But what the hell, what about Cam, he has enough money to take care you you and you both love each other. I understand this past she had about not wanting to be a disappointment to her family, but family always wants their loved ones to be happy and I was annoyed she didn't figure that out until the end of the book. I guess I was really annoyed with her decision making.

Cam was Cam. Six years ago he found Ainsley in his rooms, and she is his little thief. He fell for her and she is the reason he is able to heal. He can't share a room with anybody and because of his late wife, Lady Elizabeth made his life complete hell, but Ainsley is able to make everything better. Cam's son, Daniel I honestly could not stand in this book. Everytime he spoke he sounded like such a smart ass and I didn't like it. I understand his upbringing, but I don't know, I really didn't like him.

Now onto the better things in life. The oldest Mackenzie brother and Duke, Hart's book is next and we meet his love interest in THE MANY SINS OF LORD CAMERON. Yes! I absolutely love Eleanor. She was there to give Ainsley a little bit of advice about her choice to run away with Cameron, and we do get a few glimpses of her talking about Hart and an actual scene with Hart and I love her! I can't wait to read about they're book next. It sounds like I am really going to love this woman! I already do!

All in all, not my favorite book in the series. Of course Ian's book still takes the gold. But THE MANY SINS OF LORD CAMERON takes second for now. Hopefully Hart's book will change that. It was a good read but I wasn't as absorbed in it as I was with Ian's book. I still love this series and can't wait to read more Highlander Pleasure books!

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