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Haven by Kristi Cook

Haven - Kristi Cook

I was a little hesitate to read HAVEN because there are quite a few mixed reviews. When I started it it started out good and okay, but the more I read it the more I got bored with it. HAVEN is really nothing new than what we have seen in the Young Adult genre today.

And I guess I am now currently looking for new and unique books now, not stuff that has been done over and over again. I thought the book was pretty average and I didn't really have a problem with it or anything, but it just didn't keep my attention for more than half of the book.

I am thinking at this point, a little similar to Twilight, but not completely. Don't get my wrong. I love Twilight and the whole story, but only if it is done in a way where you have this magical feeling over the characters, like you can't get enough of them.In HAVEN the character development is too weak. There wasn't enough excitement with the characters or the plot to really keep me interested.

I said I was determined to finish, but now I just don't care anymore. HAVEN may have been one of those books that I would've liked when I first started reading, but now? When I have read a wide variety of books in not only the Young Adult Genre, but the Adult Urban Fantasy and adult Paranormal Romance Genre as well? I'm not impressed.

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