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Shaedes of Gray by Amanda Bonilla

Shaedes of Gray - Amanda Bonilla

SHAEDES OF GRAY has such an amazing cover and intriguing synopsis, so I was very surprised that this book just didn't do it for me. I became so frusterated by the characters in SHADES OF GRAY that I just went into one of my angry fangirl moments.

SHADES OF GRAY does however start out incrediably amazing that I was at the point of being sold on the book, but once I got through a few more chapters and a few more after that I wanted to flush this book down the toliet. I thought SHAEDES OF GRAY became a bit slow at times and I really just became incrediably frusterated with the characters.

Darian is the heroine of the book and she had this cool attitude I just didn't like. She had this bad-ass heroine attitude which I usually love in my heroines, but Darian just annoyed me to no end. Tyler, her so called love interest seriously made me want to burn this book.

I have rules for my love interests. They must be hot and confident and independant and say things that make you swoon, bad boy things, and okay I can go on and on. Basically Tyler was a needy and whiny little puppy dog that followed Darian around everywhere she went. In my opinion that is a poor excuse for an actual love interest.

Tyler acted like everything that involved her was his business, that Darian was his business. Stalker much? It was too creepy and weird to me. And another thing is I don't get what they see in each other. I don't see anything special about either of them. In the beginning of the book he was likable, but as you got more and more into the book he became such an annoyance.

Xander, the King of Shaedes was sexy as hell, but I'm not sure how I feel about him yet. But I know that to a point I like him more than Tyler, because he is totally my type unlike Tyler. He had a mysterious air to him and was quite secretive. I like that in my men.

SHADES OF GRAY was slow at times, but it picked up some of the time as well, but it most definitely falls into the '2011 Disappointents' list. I expected so much more from SHADES OF GRAY. There were so many flaws in the book, but despite the flaws I still liked the direction the book was headed and would like to give the second book a try, hopefully the second time around I won't be so frusterated with the characters.

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