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Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Anna and the French Kiss  - Stephanie Perkins

ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS was one of the cutest little young adult romance stories I have had the pleasure of reading. It is definitely what everyone said about it, super cute. I really enjoyed the book and am glad that I checked it out and plus I was grinning like a fool while reading it.

I like Anna a lot. She is a great leading lady and I really enjoyed reading things in her perspective, and she is a very normal teenage girl. St. Clair is the boy everyone's been talking about though. I really liked St. Clair. He was very funny and charming and the best part, he has a sexy english accent. I love men with accents.

Even though I liked St. Clair, there were things I didn't like about him or how he handled things involving his releationship with Anna. St. Clair has a girlfriend and even though Anna and St. Clair really like each other it took them the whole book, until the last chapter to officially be together. I don't know about you, but I don't like books to drag on like that, it easily annoys me.

Also that St. Clair wouldn't break up with his girlfriend. It was said he was afraid of change, but I thought that was a sorry ass excuse. St. Clair was just okay to me, but I did not those fangirl screams at times so I did like him quite a bit because his charm and sexy accent.

ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS at times really got a bit boring and dragged on because of the relationship stuff, and I wasn't completely "wow"-ed by the book, but still ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS was a great read and I'm still glad I read it. I really enjoyed it and hopefully I'll like the second companion novel to this book, Lola and the Boy Next Door.

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