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Alien Mate by Eve Langlais

Alien Mate  - Eve Langlais

Alien Mate was a short quick read and I loved every minute of it. I think the fact that we have a super hot and sexy blue alien man makes the book more fun as well.

This was a short read and maybe a little chessy but most definitely entertaining. Kor comes to earth to claim his mate Diana so they can bond as quickly as possible, except for the fact that she doesn't want this forced upon her. Diana likes Kor, but she wants a choice, to know that her opinion matters and she has a choice.

But Diana quickly falls in love with Kor, because he is everything she wants and more. Kor is sweet and kind and very caring of Diana. Did I mention very protective of her as well! Kor had a little trouble winning Diana over in the beginning because he sort of kidnapped her from her home to be with him on his planet, but things slowly worked out for him and he won her heart over.

Alien Mate was a really cute read and I sort of wish the short story was a bit longer because I really enjoyed it. I would love to see more Alien books with the mate aspect because I really love the Alien Mate concept. I hope to find more books like this.

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