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Lover Unbound by JR Ward

Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5) - J.R. Ward

I find it quite funny how the Black Dagger Brotherhood books are going for me. I find myself in a pattern. I go from liking the first couple books to disliking the next few. It's really strange actually and I thought I'd like Lover Unbound too.

Going into Lover Unbound, I really loved the prologue or chapter 1, I don't remember at this point really, but it was the part where Jane finds out she is destined to be with a man named Vishous. And I completely swoon over that part, because it's like how beautiful is that? The more I read the more I fall in love with Jane's side of the story, her being a doctor and I totally go Grey's Anatomy all over myself. LOL

And I imagine all the doctors hooking up. Oh, and I fell in love with Manny, the head doctor with a temper that was so hot and sexy at the same time! I fell in love with him just from his introduction and forgot all about Vishous, so I think that screwed it all up for me, maybe.

Anyway soon after, I really started loosing interest in the storyline between the main couple and it really became such a bore to me that it was a repeat to how I felt about the previous book, Lover Revealed. It was really sad because I was hoping to really like this book. A lot of the times I was going, "ARRGHHHH, when is this book gonna end?" It was very long too. I doubt I'd be saying anything about the length of the book if I liked it though. Haha!

Good news is I adore all the little side stories behinds what's going on between the main couple. I enjoy the stuff with Blay, Quinn and John of course which made the book more bearable. The next book, ummmm... I have no idea when I'll read that one. I've heard horror stories about Phurry's book so I will not be reading it soon. I'll have to wait a bit for his. 8/

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