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Black Howl by Christina Henry

Black Howl - Christina Henry
“I’ve never been able to make you do anything,” I said. “Nor I you,” he replied. “So we are even.” “Oh, my gosh, the two of you are just the cutest,” Beezle said.

The Madeline Black Series is getting better and better with every book. I still have love/hate feelings with the book, but you've got to admit, Christina Henry can write a great angel/demon book series! I don't like angel/demon books that much, so when I say it's a FANTASIC angel/demon book series, you've got to believe me!

I was quite surprised by Black Howl. I've been kind of hestitant with the series because I had problems with the first book in the series, and the second one was better and I really liked it but there is a lot of stuff going on in the world of Madeline Black and I really like what I am seeing here!

“Come on, J. B., break the rules. Live a little. I’m forbidden from doing stuff that I do all the time,” I said.

Madeline Black still frusterates me a bit with her rash and incredibly stupid decision making. She never thinks about the consequences of her actions and the end made me think she was incredibly selfish. But I get it! I get it! I would be selfish too, but I just wish she would think about her actions a little bit more.

The thing about the Madeline Black Series is I liked the series but the characters frusterate me a lot and I'm halfway attached to the characters and that's one reason I keep going on with the series and plus the storyline is great. I have some characters I hate with a great passion and some I love like, Lucifer! And some I have a love/hate relationship with! It's all over the board with me! But I love watching them grow with each book.

“Because she’s stubborn?” Beezle said. “I never really considered that a positive quality.” That’s because when you want a doughnut and she says no, you know you’ll never get it, Samiel signed.

Black Howl had some WTF MOMENTS, some that made me go, did that just happen and some that made me unable to stop crying and as well as the part where my mouth was left hanging wide open. The ending was very emotional for me and I so can't talk about it, but seriously! DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN?

Black Howl was definitely a lot more EPIC in my opinion which I loved and was surprised by! A whole lot of crap happened that flipped my socks off! The ending was one of those endings where you have to read the next book for sure, because you NEED to know what will happen next!

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