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Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

Grave Mercy - Robin LaFevers

Oh, man. What can I say? I just wish I would've read more than the amazing reviews on GRAVE MERCY before I started the book, maybe then I could've saved myself some time diving into another book. But of course, here I am stuck with another not so great book. There were so many problems with GRAVE MERCY and all those little problems made the book not so enjoyable for me. I so wish I could've liked it, but it looks like it didn't turn out that way.

Factor one, This is supposed to be a YOUNG ADULT BOOK! You kind of screwed me right there! If I wanted to read an adult historical book, I would go and read one. Actually I just got finished reading a historical romance book and wanted to move onto a bad ass young adult assassin heroine, but I you see I got tricked! This is the second time this has happened to me and this is the reader speaking, "I DO NOT LIKE TO BE TRICKED!"

GRAVE MERCY screamed an adult book to me because of all of the different themes presented in the book that I never see in young adult books, but always in adult books. Let's see, abusive men, sexual acts, and plus the book read like in "complete seriousness talk".

Onto Factor two, the writing was a mix of fast pace and slow pace. One minute I was zooming through, the next it becomes really slow. And also too much talk about political stuff. If I wanted to read about that I'd go grab a text book. I"m not a fan of that type of stuff. I was stuck in snoozefest and I don't like to be stuck there!

To be honest, the book did start out pretty amazing, I believe it was up until chapter four or five that I wanted things to pick up more and the real action to begin, but it just didn't. I was in bordom town. I can't even say anything really great about the characters because I didn't connect much with theme, mostly because of the theme of the book and because this is most definitely not my type of book.