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The Duke's Perfect Wife by Jennifer Ashley

The Duke's Perfect Wife (Highland Pleasures #4) - Jennifer Ashley
"For God's sake!" Hart sprang to his feet. Everyone at the table stopped and stared at him, including Ian.

"Do I have to be made a mockery of in my own house?" Mac leaned back in his chair, his hands behind his head. "Would you prefer we made a mockery of you in the street? In Hyde Park, maybe? In the middle of Pall Mall? The card room at your club?"

I love the Highland Pleasures Series, well mostly Ian's book! The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie is what got me so hyped up for this series and when I get to books two and three, I became disappointed, and then Hart's book comes around and...To be completely honestly, I am really disappointed. I have been ready for all the rest of the Highland Pleasure books to top Ian's book is some way or at least be as good as his was are they weren't.

THE DUKE'S PERFECT WIFE ended up being a combination of how I felt about Mac and Cam's book. Scratch that, Mac's book. I felt the same boring-ness and dead-ness from Mac's book. I was really into it for some time and I became so dreadfully bored. I was very uninterested in Hart's story. I mean nothing popped out or stood out for me, which I was really hoping it would. It seems like I am going from loving one book to hating the next to loving the next one to hating the next one. Hopefully the next one will be a love.

"Forbid her," Hart said, words clipped.
Her father chuckled. "Forbid? Eleanor? The words do not belong in the same sentence."

We do find out some things about Hart's past dealing with the Mackenzie's father and with Ian which I loved. I loved getting inside Hart's head. I saw another side to Hart which I Loved. And also I loved the heroine Elenor. I think she is perfect for Hart and loved getting the small flash back scenes with them. And, ooohhhh! I loved the letters! I just didn't feel any excitement, any sparks when I read about these two, not like with Ian and Beth, and Cam and Ainsley.

So I had a huge combination of love and hate for THE DUKE'S PERFECT WIFE. I wish I could have liked it more because this is Hart's book for goodness sake. It's just I had, "huge expectations" since I read the first book in the series, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie and none of these other books have topped that book yet.

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