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Oracle's Moon by Thea Harrison

Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison

Saying that I can't really get into this series would be the understatement of the year. Strike one, Strike two, and Strike three and now I'm out! The first book in the Elder Races Series, Dragon Bound was truly amazing, but the fact remains that it took me awhile to get into the book, maybe at least half the book it took me to really get interested. Don't even talk to me about the other books, because those were duds. But what I'm saying is I'm done. This is the third chance I"ve gave this series. I"m cool with book one, but the rest, absolutely not!

ORACLE"S MOON was not that bad to be honest. I just feel like these books in Thea Harrison Series are slow paced and i have talked and talked about how I hate slow paced books, they drag on and I am unable to really enjoy them. But looking on the bright side of this book, this could have turned into a great book for me. So if you're a fan of this series, I doubt you won't like this book, I think you'll love it!

I loved the aspect where Grace had a lot of her plate, that she had to take care of her deceased sister's kids and also take on the role of, The Oracle. And then we have this super sexy Djinn Prince, Khalil who I adored! I loved the characters and everything, but everything while reading seemed so dull and boring and it was like nothing was happening. It was a lot of work just to get through one chapter. It's really a pity that I couldn't get into this series! I'm really glad I loved Dragon Bound because that was a great one, but the rest weren't my cup of tea. But this is the end, third strike so now Im out!

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