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Lover Eternal by JR Ward

Lover Eternal  - J.R. Ward

++3.5 Stars++
Starting Lover Eternal, it was kind of slow like book 1, Dark Lover, but I loved it and quite enjoyed the story of Rhage and Mary. Rhage is a complete flirt. Also he is hot, tortured, funny and a total romantic. He is basically the ladies man. Rhage has got to be my favorite warrior. And he will do anything to save his woman. He is absolutely perfect. I wouldn't mind spending an evening with this guy.

But, Rhage has a dark side of him, deep within him hides a beast which is powerful and should be feared. This was a curse given to Rhage as punishment by the Scribe Virgin. And he cannot control the beast. Mary is very strong and she has been through so much. Her mother died and he has been through cancer, but now the cancer returns. Mary ends up friends with a young man that is unable to speak and through this young man she becomes sucked into the world of vampires.

I like that Mary is still so strong even knowing about the cancer. And reading this, I know that she has the ability to always be strong for Rhage when he is scared about the beast. After finishing the book I have really come to adore Rhage and Mary, they're my favorite at the moment.