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Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews

Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews

I really liked MAGIC BLEEDS, but it did not top Magic Strikes, okay, it did in a way, but what I'm trying to say maybe that Magic Strikes is still my favorite. I'm kinda stuck in the middle here where I don't wanna betray one book by liking it more! They both were "OUT OF THIS WORLD" amazing! Magic Strikes and Magic Bleeds= Best in the Series.

In MAGIC BLEEDS, so much is happening we finally get some more information about Kate’s past and some family information as well. Also, Erra, is Kate’s aunt and also Roland’s older sister and I just loved the chapter where she comes to visit Kate at home and we have this conversation with them and we get to learn a few new facts, I really despise her aunt though, I wonder if we’ll finally meet Roland in Magic Slays. I would be so happy if we get to. So much seem centered on this that I am just waiting for this ultimate showdown.

And next order of business, I loved Curran and Kate in this book, they are funny as ever. First we have the whole misunderstanding with that whole dinner, and then the mating dance which was funny as hell, OMFG. I think I’m still laughing…okay…I’ll give you a hint. it has something to do with curran + chair + kate = read and find out!!! (but it was so funny) Yup. I’m still laughing. I loved that. One of the best scenes in the book, so funny them messing with each other.

I loved the scene where Kate and Curran finally deal with this about the dinner and sort out all the misunderstandings and have such a wonderful moment together, I wanted MORE!!!! And also where Kate finally talks to Curran about who she really is. Them talking about their past’s is something deep for being in a relationship. I loved that whole entire chapter and the next one.

I just loved how the both talked to each other about their past’s about what happened to Curran and why he wants her in the keep with him(feel so bad for him, he really needs and derserves happiness with Kate) and Kate explaining all of her fears to him and why she would be a horrible mate for him….god, I could just read that chapter over and over again.

I loved how kate was there for Curran like how Curran was there for kate in magic strikes. I thought…awwwwww….and I was so mad when I got to the last page b/c I want to read the next book Magic Slays which isn’t even out yet! ugh….hurry the hell up, march! I did feel like we didn’t get much of the other characters in the pack I like so much and also Julie, I wish we had more of Derek also, but I think this book was just mainly about Curran/Kate sorting out everything about their relationship and her confrontation with her family, but I do hope we get some more Julie and Derek in the next book. I really did enjoy this book. I have so many favorite scenes. A great read.