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Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard

I find it absolutely HILARIOUS that I started out really liking this book and then as soon as I get further into the book I suddenly want to murder it! I have a very short attention span and I was at the point of banging my head against the table. This was a book that is quote often recommended but it just ended up being one of those everyone loves except for me.

Gabriel is your average hot and sexy professor with a serious anger management problem. I didn't mind his attitude or anything and I did like Gabriel, so he wasn't the problem at all. Julia, our heroine was probaly part of the problem. It goes on and on and on in the book how she is this perfect delicate little flower and her innocence is hinted at so many times that it was getting annoying. Like her innocence was the whole point of the book. Julia was just plain boring to me. She didn't have a voice in the sense that she felt like a weak character. I wanted her to have some back bone like some of my other favorite characters.

I also became sick of the Beatrice and Dante references and Gabriel always calling Julia Beatrice. And for the act that I thought this was an erotica book. I admit, I did skim the book a bit and know that there is a sexy scene, but I wanted more, I needed more! I think I had so many expectations for this book.

The romance was a great addition. There were so many adorable and sweet quotes by Gabriel that make you swoon. But as soon as the actual romance begins it feels like a completely different book to me. The romance could've been a great addition to the book if it wasn't so dull, if the characters weren't so dull. When I was reading I did swoon at some heartfelt and beautiful scenes, I really did, but again it's one of those books where the characters did not exceed my expectations.