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Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

Grave Memory - Kalayna Price

"You're not my collector.?" He shrugged. "I adopted you." Cute.

I was not as intrigued with GRAVE MEMORY as I was with the first two novels in the Alex Craft Series. I was a tad disappointed. Of course we have another big case that Alex is solving that keeps the story interesting enough. I love the mystery side to the Alex Craft Series, but I did feel like some huge key factors were missing. Like let's see...Hmmmm.... FALIN AND DEATH!

"As long as I belong to her, you can never trust me. I have to do whatever she commands. S don't cal me, don't look or me, and if you see me, run away. Do you understand.?"

Falin Andrews, my favorite sexy fae, does not get that much page time, and it felt a but like Death didn't either. He didn't show up much until the second half of the book, but I need my fix! I understand why they didn't get much page time due to the last Alex Craft Book. It is obvious that Alex is into both of these men, but both men come with consequences if Alex were to have a romantic relationship with either one. Falin is tied to "Queen Ice Bitch" and cannot disobey any orders from her. And Queen Ice Bitch plans to be a royal pain in the ass until she gets want she wants from Alex.

"Well, I'm starting to think he's my guardian angel." Though angel of death was what most people would call him."

Oh, Death! I am starting to love you more and more and more and more! You honestly make a girl's heart beat out of her chest! You can be my guardian angel anytime of the week! Alex and Death are so cute! They have known each other since Alex was a child and their relationship is building and building and part of me wants them to be together, but the other part of me wants Falin and this book was a bad book for my Falin. It's like he wasn't even there. But Death! I want him! He is to die for!

In GRAVE MEMORY I thought that we might learn more about the different courts and more about the Shadow Court judging from what went down in the previous book, but we didn't. I was disappointed with that. Overall, GRAVE MEMORY was not quite what I was expecting. I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the previous books, I am hoping the next book will blow me away more than this one did.

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