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Black City by Elizabeth Richards

Black City - Elizabeth  Richards

I'm sorry, but BLACK CITY demonstrates so many elements I very much dislike in my books. I feel like this book was way too hyped up to begin with. I'm surprised that I got so far in the book to begin with. I expected to love this book to death, but unfortuately with hyped up books it's usually a hit or miss. And this one did not turn out in my favor.

BLACK CITY had a very interesting concept, which I did love. The idea of there being humans and a species called, The Darklings, which are kind of like vampires and there is this war going on and plus there is this forbidden romance going on which reminds you a lot of "Romeo and Juliet". I mean, how can it get any better? Well, it doesn't in my personal opinion.

I need something in my books to keep me going. I got nothing. The story was okay, it felt a little too slow paced in a way. And I am not a huge fan of one species acting and treating others like they are better than they are and it was heavily loaded with that sort of thing. And none of the characters clicked with me. I mean, I expect at least the hero and heroine to click, so I would have something, just anything to make me want to go on, but that was a fail too.

The book was just too boring. I don't think it was horrible, but there was way too much hype on the book and with that much hype, I expected it to be epic or something. It wasn't. The cold stone truth is BLACK CITY was just not for me, it had too many elements that in the book that was a complete "no-no" for me. I have a feeling if you're a huge YA fan, you're going to most likely love it though.