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River Marked by Patricia Briggs

River Marked - Patricia Briggs

“What did you do?” I heard a siren and hoped that it wasn’t someone coming looking for me. I made my brisk walk a little brisker. “Got in a fight with my girlfriend, apparently.” I hung up before he could ask me anything else.

I had seriously been holding off on RIVER MARKED big time! Honestly, I was scared to read it. I had heard it was very disappointing and that scared me off, but now that Frost Burned would be releasing soon I decided to read it to get it over with. Adam and Mercy were wonderful as always, but beyond that I did have some major problems.

Son of a bitch. I would kill him. I didn’t care if he was Coyote or the son of Satan. He was a dead man walking.

What I love about the Mercedes Thompson series is that Mercy has my middle name. Haha! Just kidding, though that is true! What I love about this series is that Mercy is a total bad ass and that she has a super hunky alpha werewolf as her mate that I am totally envious of, the Pack and the wonderful characters of the Mercedes Thompson Series. This book has a lot of Mercy and Adam and then Mercy learning about her heritage and her father. To be honest, it was completely boring!

“Otters,” I told Adam, my teeth beginning to chatter with the effect of the water. “If I start screaming, it’s because the otters have come to get me.”

I could only stand the beginning up to the point where we have the Mercy and Adam scenes and that's it. The new characters and plot I couldn't stand because it was so un-interested. I must be so terrible to say that, but I felt like something huge was missing. The Pack really made the series for me. I guess it took for them to be absent for me to realize that. I could really feel like something was off and missing.

“Sorry,” he said. “Too many changes and not enough food.” I patted his hard belly and kissed it. “Poor thing,” I told it. “Doesn’t Adam treat you right? No worries. I’ll go feed you.” My head bounced when Adam laughed.

Thankfully the Adam and Mercy moments were not boring, Thank the Lords! Adam and Mercy were so darn cute! Adam worrying so much over Mercy and Mercy kicking some serious butt! And there was this really cute scene were they had this fight and they shift and Adam brings her a dead bunny as an apolgy! I look forward to more of them in the future books for sure! They are just so awesome! Little disappointment like many have pointed out, no sexy honeymoon scene? Come on, Briggs! I want some action here!

“I’ll stay here. But you better put a shirt on, or your gorgeous self will cause an accident if you go running by the road, and someone sees you.” He smiled at that; I think he thought I was joking.

RIVER MARKED would not be my favorite book by any means, but it wasn't so horrible, just the boring parts. Not the worst book in the series, but I wasn't thrilled with it. I'm sure the next book will be tons better since they will all be back in the comfort and home of the Pack where they are supposed to be! I am much looking forward to Frost Burned and can't wait for it's release!

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