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Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Blooded - Amanda  Carlson

I was stuck in limbo with no safe place to go. But I knew one thing. I’d just celebrated my nineteenth birthday, and if I wanted to see twenty, I had to find a way to get the hell out.

BLOODED was an amazing prequel to Amanda Carlson's new Urban Fantasy debut, Full Blooded. To be honest I never read prequel's because they seem to just be a short story that doesn't seem important to read. It's not like you'll miss anything in the series if you don't read it and plus it's so short, why bother. BLOODED is not the case! To be honest I totally think this should have been apart of Full Blooded. You really get the real inside look into what happened before the start of Full Blooded

My father sat back on his chair and crossed his arms. “The way things have escalated in the past six months, I could be killed the moment I walk out of this office and there’s nothing you could do about it. Just like you said, I have no natural defenses to fight off the supe community—including werewolves. I have these.” I held up my hands again and wiggled my fingers. “And my brain.”

Jessica McClain is the only female born from a werewolf. There is the myth or legend that she will bring about the destruction of the entire pack and what's bad is the whole pack believe's it and so they are trying to kill her before she hits her 20th birthday. So Jessica goes and challenges one of the alpha's in the pack because a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

“Jessica?” My father hovered over me again. He was either speaking too softly or I was fading fast. Then he was on both knees beside me, his hands on my skin again, warming me. “Yeah?” I mumbled, my eyes dilating, my brain giving in to the pain.“I’m sending you away.” I cracked a smile as my eyes closed. “It’s about damn time.”

BLOODED was definitely a short novella, but it was so action packed that it didn't even feel like a novella! I was quite impressed actually! Jessica is really the kind of heroine that I admire and love! And I would like to point out as for my thoughts on this subject I think it is ridiculous to try to kill a woman and act like you are going to be a hero for doing so. But I guess when you let fear overrule you, you will do psychotic things. I highly recommend that you read BLOODED before you dig your claws into Full Blooded! It will help you understand what happened before Full Blooded so much better!

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