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Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill

Some Girls Bite - Chloe Neill

this book was AMAZING!!!!! from page one i was addicted i couldnt stop reading which was bad b/c i has sckool the next morning. but i read half of it in a nite. it had everything i wanted in a vampire series. i hot badass heroine that you can relate to. i loved merit. she is one of my favorite chracters in a vampire series, she's strong and very likable and her obsession wit food...hahaha. oh and ethan, the very sexy 400 year old master vampire. he is sooooo hot. i loved him and i want more of ethan! i love the sexual tension wit ethan, its like when they r in a room together i wish that they would never leave i just love it. i thought this book was sexy, endearing, action-packed and funny.

When I started this book I really did not expect to like it as much as I did. I swear I was up the entire night reading this book, I lost so much sleep, but it was so worth it. Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill is definitely a must-read. We got action, mystery, romance, comedy and much more. This was everything I love in an urban fantasy book. We have grad student, Merit who was comming out of her university one night and was attacked by a vampire and was saved/turned into a vampire by master vampire of Cadogan house, Ethan Sullivan. We take a ride with Merit learning about the supernatural world and about these vampire attacks and why she is attacked, why did that vampire attack her? What is going on?

I loved our heroine, Merit. She is everything I want in a heroine. She is smart, fun, honorable, funny, (like i love her habits....food) loyal, attitude(but i love that attitude of hers) Merit does not want to become a vampire. After it all happens it is like why? Why did this have to happen to me? She had a life that was fullfilling that she wanted as her own and now it was ripped away from her of her own free will. Through most of the book she is going on how much so hates that her life was taken from her, and I understand how where she is comming from, although most of us would be love to be a vampire, it is hard to just have that choice taken away, that she will not be able to go out in the sun anymore, to the beach, etc. That she has to drink blood(which disgusts her to have to do that) A lot was taken from her and she ends up having a hatred for Ethan Sullivan for doing this to her.(I love these love-hate relationships) She has to quickly adjust and deal with what has happened and and fit in in the supernatural world.

Onto the hot and sexy 350+ year old master vamp, Ethan Sullivan. I love this man. Blonde hair and green eyes. When I think of words to describe him...hmmm...intimadating, strong, hot, and many other things. Since the beginning I have loved this man, I think I like the really old vamps. Ethan is Merit's love interest in Some Girls Bite and since the very beginning they have had this connection with each other and amazing sexual tension and chemsitry between these two that makes you go like come on! come on! I need more! Chloe Neill has done very well with these two. It is funny because it is like everytime they are in the same room together, when you read you can feel the attraction, because she always has her eyes on him or he always has his eyes on her, it is just so wow! I really hope in the next book that we get more and more of that sexual tension that I love so much. I love Ethan and Merit and I will be rooting for them all the way!

Merit also has another possible lover interest, which is Morgan, from the beginning he has been an excellant rivial for Ethan. I find Morgan charming and a perfect gentlemen and he does not hide his feeling for Merit, he is very open about them. I really like this character and I wonder besides Merits possible love interest if Morgan will have a big role in the supernatural world. Even thought I am team Ethan, I still really like Morgan. We also have many other side characters which, i probally love like most of the charactes in this book. We have Mallory, Merit's best friend, Lindsey, a new friends and a guard at Cadogan House, Catcher Bell, he trains Merit and is a lover interest for one of our characters, Luc, Captin of the Cadogen Guards(I want some more Luc for myself) But these are some of the major characters that I really like. I dislike Merits family. I think her family is such a jerk most of the time and her mother is a ditz, dummy. I think family is about love, not about how Merit will make her family look/embarras her family. Her father just made a really bad impression for me.

I felt like this book was of course amazing and will definitely be continuing the series. I'm really interested to see where Chloe Neill takes this series and what will happen. I really love the concept the Vampire Houses and the guards. I think different vampire stories like this and hope I find more of them. Again, you need to put the Chicagoland Vampires Series on your must-read list, you will not be disappointed.

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