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Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning

Rock Hard (The Sinners on Tour) - Olivia Cunning

Oh, no! Dear, god no! I absolutely freaking adored Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning. I had devoured that book and in no way would I doubt the next one would be just as awesome, but just as many of the reviews said, it was a nightmare. I was totally not expecting it either. I won't say the whole book was a total nightmare though, because Olivia Cunning is an amazing erotica romance writer and I did enjoy some of ROCK HARD to some degree.

What my nightmare consisted of was that the heroine was a complete a drama queen and total bitch. Sed had a true love before Brian's book and stuff happened. Let's just say there was an engagement and they were to be married. They meet again and sparks fly between them. Both still hold feelings for each other.

I just can't like a book where I cannot stand the heroine or hero. This case it's the heroine. She has the bitchy attitude towards Sed and it's like everything has to be her way. And she get upset at the dumbest things. I'm not going to go over every little thing, because I could probaly write a book on how horrible her pissy little attitude was, but I don't like heroines that are bitches. I rarely happen upon them.

I just wish Sed could've had a different heroine. A heroine that could've appreciated him more and thought of more than just herself. Sed really deserved much better. It's too bad that his book was totally ruined for me, but I"m over it and I'm moving on! There were still moments in ROCK HARD, you know moments you love to read about, but my hate for Jessica overpowered everything. I just couldn't like this installment of Sinners on Tour as much as the first, but I still have hope for the rest of them, of course!