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Heaven by Jet Mykles

Heaven - Jet Mykles

“Oh, I do like the longer hair.” Tyler gasped. “Fuck you.” “Your wish. My command.”

HEAVEN by Jet Mykles was so freaking adorable! I absolutely loved this book! It would definitely be one of those books I would recommend to M/M first timers!

“Shit. Fine. I’ll come.” “Oh, yes. You will. Many times, if I have any say in the matter.”

We have rockstar, Johnnie Heavens who I am absolutely in love with and Tyler Purcell who is so very much attracted to Johnnie, but is "not gay". It was very cute seeing these two develop their relationship and be fully together by the end of the book!

Tyler fought for freedom with little success. “Never mind. Let me go.” “Not a chance,” Johnnie murmured, lowering his lips to nuzzle the sensitive spot behind Tyler’s ear. “I missed you.”

It is one of those very short cute M/M Romances, but worth every minute of your time! I have a feeling that I am going to fly by these Heaven Sent books quite quickly!