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The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole

The Warlord Wants Forever (The Immortals After Dark) The Warlord Wants Forever - Kresley/ Verret,  Hagan (NRT)/ Fomhar,  Simone (NRT) Cole

This is the Short Story/Prologue to the Immortals After Dark Series. And I have to honestly say, Thank god that I didn't start out with this, because there would be a high chance of me not reading the Immortals After Dark Series because of it. And I am hoping that THE WARLORD WANTS FOREVER is the ONLY Kresley Cole book I end up disliking.

THE WARLORD WANTS FOREVER started out wonderful and I really did enjoy it up until Nikolai Wroth decides to kidnap and take away the free will of his bride, Myst the Coveted. He was doing fine in my book until he went and did that. I wouldn't mind the kidnapping scenario, them spending time at his home getting to know each other if there was no free will taken away. Once he started commanding her to do things, even sexual things, the book went downhill from there.

And I had became so disappointed in him when he thought to brainwash Myst! LIKE WHAT? And there seemed to be just so much sex in this book that you'd think you were reading an Erotica Romance. Yea. I never thought I'd say there was too much sex in a book, usually there's not enough. So this one was a highly disappointed read for me, and I must say again, Thank god that I didn't start out with this book first.